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Streaming Your Brand’s Message

Travis Grant Strategic Marketing Partnerships

The streaming wars are well underway. It’s not a literal war, of course. More a battle for supremacy and market share in a space where evolving technology and the way people use it are redefining not only how we consume content but how brands are built and audiences reached. For a lot of people over the age of 30, the …

A Brief History of Organic vs. Paid Social Media

Travis Grant Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Like disruptive communications technologies before it (the printing press, radio, and television), social media changed the world in deeply profound ways, starting with the launch of Facebook and Twitter in 2006. These platforms shook norms by rapidly spreading and aggregating intellectual capital, as local ideas became global and were consumed by massive yet increasingly nuanced audiences who, in turn, had …

Paper unicorn on extended finger

Why Settle for Anything Less Than a Unicorn?

Travis Grant Strategic Marketing Partnerships

If you work in a communications and marketing department, you might describe the ideal team member like this: a digital native who codes in HTML and CSS (and more). A person who is a superb project manager, a master of process, a branding expert, a digital marketing expert, an Adobe Creative Suite savant, and an ultra creative. A person who …

How to Manage Scope Creep

Travis Grant Strategic Marketing Partnerships

Every agency has stories about scope creep swallowing projects whole. There are a lot of reasons for scope creep but it mostly has to do with how well expectations are communicated and managed. So what is this scope creep business, anyway? Put simply, it’s the sum of small changes that occur outside the boundaries of process, causing delays and even …