Strategic Marketing Partnerships.

Every marketing and communications department is looking for a Unicorn…

Sound familiar?

ev+ AGENCY Strategic Marketing Partnerships

You know what we’re talking about—the one who knows the Adobe creative suite inside and out; the one who’s a great writer and editor; the photographer who by some stroke of genius also builds websites, understands branding and marketing, knows how to build, manage, optimize and scale digital ad campaigns, and can manage projects from conception to execution.

The truth is, this person doesn’t exist. And even if they did, overseeing the full scope of marketing skills and verticals would be far too much for a single person.

Enter the strength of ev+ AGENCY.

Build your brand with ev+ AGENCY

Enter the strength of ev+ AGENCY.

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We’re a team of website developers, web designers, copywriters, and strategists who’ve built strategic partnerships with video production and event management agencies. We’ll manage every aspect of your marketing and communications needs, in less time and for less than it would cost you to staff an in-house marketing and communications team.
What’s more, we’ll learn your business and we’ll help you make decisions that get results.

Our services include

Marketing Campaigns
Web Design
Public Relations
Project Management
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Social Media Management
Working with ev+ AGENCY has been a real asset for the CRE. Integrating their expertise into our team has added a ton of bench strength and helped us raise our profile, as we strive to do more in the digital space.
Dianne @ CRE
The team at ev+ AGENCY have become subject matter experts in our field, and they're completely invested in our organization's success

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