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Reaching and converting more customers through organic SEO is a goal we can help you achieve. ev+ AGENCY provides a well researched and thought out approach that brings together proven ideas, known trends and best practices to help increase your audience share. Our focus is to keep your brand, website and content up-to-date alongside current search trends in order to help your company perform optimally in search engine optimization results. The ev+ AGENCY team specializes in strong organic search traffic metrics combined with a strategic approach to developing Search Engine Optimized marketing content that delivers traffic.

Technical & Content Audit

To help you achieve the results you’re looking for, ev+ Agency performs a technical and content audit on your website to have a greater understanding of what needs to be done for SEO. We examine every factor that can improve your website’s overall performance, ranking in terms of Google Search and additional Search Engines and web platforms. ev+ AGENCY will provide a detailed analysis of broken links, site speed, mobile device optimization, site speed, familiar or duplicated content, content optimization opportunities and more. Every technical audit we undertake is made purposefully to help remove any barriers getting in the way of customers finding your website and embracing your brand.

The Importance of Creating Strategic Content

As an SEO Agency, ev+ understands the importance that highly optimized content plays in creating a successful SEO strategy. Search engines love quality content and it's our mandate to provide intriguing and powerful information to our customers to help them improve their search engine rankings. Search engines prefer authorities on subject matters, and prefer editorial content that provides clear answers to frequently asked questions. Our content team have become experts in each industry that our clients represent and build interest as well as traffic to our client’s websites through interesting and optimized content. ev+ AGENCY can help build visibility in your respected business segments by properly satisfying the search intent of your keywords so our content is more prominent. Our SEO Copywriting services team will help your business build authority through compelling content and the backlinks that come with them.

Increase Brand Awareness: Local SEO

At ev+ AGENCY, we’re an SEO Agency that keeps on top of brand trends nationally, regionally and on a local level. With the increase of mobile search and local purchases the need for local SEO is stronger than ever. We’re also focused on crafting relevant and highly optimized content to break through to local audiences.

ev+ AGENCY can help you direct more customers to your website or your physical location through local SEO methods such as Google Maps, Google my Business, and third party directories. Optimizing for specific keywords/phrases can help drive local traffic and increase revenue for your business. By concentrating on a local Search Engine Optimization strategy, you can increase the chances of your brand being seen when potential customers are close to your location.

SEO Options That Extend Beyond Google

We can do more than just optimize your website for Google, we can customize a Search Engine Optimization strategy suited specifically for your business. Whether we build a strategy using Bing, Amazon, LinkedIn, Facebook, or the world’s second largest search engine - YouTube, we will ensure your website as well as your products or services are optimized on the exact platform where new and existing customers will see you. As a leading SEO Agency in Edmonton, ev+ AGENCY’s goals are to increase your organic search rankings as well as new business leads and sales. Our goal is also to drive qualified leads to your website and/or social media sites and in essence expand your business.

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ev+ AGENCY’s Seo Audit & Competitive Analysis

In this stage of the process, we examine your business challenges in greater detail. By researching where you’re at, including a complete analysis of your website and competitors, we’ll help you create a Search Engine Optimization strategy customized specifically for your business. Our strategic recommendations will help ensure that your web property has an effective clear path to increased search engine visibility for the search queries that are valuable to your business, all while keeping a close eye on competitors and their strategies. Research will also help us identify niches and opportunities where your business will be ranked the highest or higher than the majority of your competition.

Developing Optimal Keyword Strategies

Developing a strong and productive keyword strategy is at the heart of what we do as an SEO Agency. We can identify the key words and phrases and relevant content needed to produce:

    • Meaningful Conversions
    • Business Goals

    • Positive Organic Traffic

    • Brand / Product Awareness

    Our priority is to help you generate positive organic search engine rankings that will help drive traffic and increase awareness about your brand and your products and services.

    Seo Copywriters Developing Effective Content Strategies

    Our SEO Copywriting experts are passionate about creating valuable authoritative content that represents your business, positions you as a leader in your space, and drives high quality leads to your website. It’s not just about using keywords that will resonate with your customers, but also incorporating quality content that is built for effectiveness and longevity.

    Building High Quality Links To New & Existing Customers

    We’re an SEO Agency focused on increasing traffic to your website, raising your rankings and developing successful content that is seen by new and existing customers. Our goal is to increase your website’s overall visibility in search engines for the keywords that matter to your organization, which ultimately results in more business.

    Preferential Monitoring & Optimization Services

    Building a successful SEO strategy can take a bit of time, but it's definitely worth it. As one of Edmonton’s leading SEO Agencies, we can help you rank higher on search engines and create organic traffic through proven SEO strategies for our existing clients.

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