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Like any successful project, great marketing campaigns rely on people, process, and communication.

ev+ AGENCY marketing campaigns are founded upon comprehensive strategies designed to reach audiences and raise awareness about products, services or other offerings, in a way that helps your business or organization reach their goals and objectives.

We’ve got the right people (graphic designers, developers, strategists, great writers, and senior leaders with years of experience), and our process is what’s kept us and our clients so successful.

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    Define the strategy

    A seemingly obvious but often poorly articulated point of action is clearly establishing campaign goals. Are you trying to increase sales or raise awareness? Are you looking to boost online sales or in-store traffic? Are you trying to generate leads or retarget existing customers?

    All of these required a nuanced approach that will inform every aspect of your campaign. So it’s important to be clear and decisive from the get go. And hey, if you don’t know for sure what you should be doing, ev+ AGENCY is here to help shepherd you through the process.

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    Define your audience and call to action

    When we know your audience and what motivates them, we can get you in market, targeting the right people with a call to action that moves them to respond. The age of digital marketing has added a layer of technical sophistication to marketing campaigns, which ev+ AGENCY is all about. When you’re aiming at a target, you need to be precise. It’s one of the things we do best.

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    Develop killer creative

    Developing stunning, smart, impactful creative is one of the most important parts of a campaign. The creative process burns brightest when teams are given space to think, generate ideas, and imagine a great concept into being.

    Agencies are built on a lot of key components, creativity chief among them. When you work with ev+ AGENCY on your campaign, you get some of the finest creative minds in the business, focused on linking your needs to an amazing creative concept.

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    Establish metrics

    You can’t manage what you can’t measure. This is especially true of marketing campaigns. The best marketers (and we count ourselves among them) know this intimately and we make it a focus of every campaign we’re part of.

    It’s more than counting likes or shares. Measuring campaign performance goes so much deeper than that, deep diving the minutiae of user behaviour to understand what’s working, what’s not, and how to optimize and scale. This approach is the difference between successful campaigns and ones that are all polish and no strategy.

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    Closing strategy

    If you can’t close, what’s the point? Indeed, closing is the most important part and one of the most salient metrics you’ll have when justifying your strategy and investing in a marketing campaign. That’s why ev+ AGENCY considers all the brand touch points resulting from a well executed marketing strategy. We always include a discussion about how to close once your audience has moved through the sales funnel, the objective being consistency and clarity so they’re confident of the quality of product or level of services they seek.

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Having all of ev+ AGENCY's experience translated into a custom brand strategy, with ongoing management and consultation, has been pivotal for our company. They're great to work with.
Bryan @ Chemco

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