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Why Settle for Anything Less Than a Unicorn?

Travis Grant By: Travis Grant  /  Strategic Marketing Partnerships

If you work in a communications and marketing department, you might describe the ideal team member like this: a digital native who codes in HTML and CSS (and more). A person who is a superb project manager, a master of process, a branding expert, a digital marketing expert, an Adobe Creative Suite savant, and an ultra creative. A person who is a great writer and editor, as well as a photographer who knows everything about the craft, from aperture to composition to post production. Naturally, this makes this person a skilled videographer, too, and the video content marketing flows at the mere request for it. This person is also a master of nuance and knows just how to deal with clients, crises, the media, you name it. In our line of work, we call this person a unicorn.

The HR perspective

If you search communications postings on a website like, you’ll see that nearly every HR department is hunting for a unicorn. The reason is that most businesses and organizations strive to do more with less, so their ideal candidate comes complete with a full suite of skills. It makes sense, right? Why not try and hire one person who can do the job of 5? The only trouble with this strategy is that this person doesn’t exist.

Enter the agency

Although the unicorn candidate is a myth, it’s also a metaphor for the skills a team like ev+ AGENCY brings to the table. We’re strategists, designers, developers, writers, marketers and brand experts, all working under a single flag, and we have close partnerships with photographers and film production companies.

Everything we do is guided by our daily mission: be more. We do this by integrating and supporting businesses and organizations through process so they can organize their resources around distinct strategy, planning, and execution of tactics that produce. Part of being more is investing in our clients’ success, understanding their business, and becoming content experts on their behalf. It’s how we’ve been able to serve our clients and community for more than 3 decades, and it’s why we’ve managed to forge so many enduring partnerships. 

So how do you hire a unicorn? Give us a call. We’d love to talk.