Edmonton Web Design

If years of experience have taught us anything, it’s that web sites are like building a house, and both rely on people, process, and communication.

Building a website is like building a home.

It requires a blueprint, a foundation, framing, interior and exterior design, security, and let’s not forget all the custom nice-to-haves that make the experience of being there all the better.

ev+ AGENCY will help you determine your needs through our 4-stage website development process:

  1. 1.


    Our team gets together with yours so we can learn your business, inside and out. This is a theme throughout our process. We want you to be involved so your needs are heard and understood. We want to know your goals and objectives, who your audience is, and who your competitors are, among other important details.

    This will help us craft the blueprints for the build, including your content and digital strategy, to make sure your new website does what it needs to. You wouldn’t build a house that couldn’t meet the needs of your family and lifestyle. Your website is no different.

  2. 2.


    Before we begin developing, we wireframe your website in a live environment so your team can visualize it and navigate the pages. Think of it as the frame of your house, before the insulation, the drywall, and all the finishings are installed.

  3. 3.


    When you’re happy with the wireframe, our developers get to hammering proverbial nails and planks. Once all of the structural components are in place, it’s time to focus on front-end design—our equivalent of installing finishings, like baseboards and countertops.

    Once we’ve done our quality assurance testing and you’re satisfied, we move to the final stage.

  4. 4.


    It’s ready for the world to see! (Which is crazy, because Discovery felt like yesterday). Thanks to people, our process, and great communication, the site is ready to launch on schedule. Think of it like moving into your new home, once all the contractors and sub trades have finished their work.

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