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We are a Social Media Marketing Agency who understands how to create a social media strategy to help you reach more customers and generate more leads. Creating a social media strategy that includes paid media can help you achieve your marketing goals. When you add a content strategy, you increase your opportunities to reach even more customers. A well-designed social media marketing strategy featuring organic content gives your brand more authenticity, which is of utmost importance to what social media users are looking for.

ev+ AGENCY Social Media Management Services

We’re a social media agency focused on providing benefits to our clients while promoting your brand and your values. Guiding your brand begins with measuring your current social media advertising with an audit. Our next step is to create a social media strategy that will help you achieve your goals. We believe in creating an editorial calendar to work as a digital compass-providing direction to help you reach your customers in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Developing content that is authentic in nature is also vital in reaching and converting clicks into engaged customers. ev+ AGENCY also takes pride in analyzing results and providing performance results to help you assess the direction of your brand messaging.

4 Key Steps to Help Your Business Succeed with your Social Media Advertising

  1. 1.

    Building and Promoting your Community

    Our social media team will help you stay engaged with your customers and stay on top of comments and private messages in a prompt and respectful manner.

  2. 2.

    Strategic Direction for Your Social Media Advertising

    Your Social Media Advertising and Marketing Strategy will be unique to your business. We will analyze your current social media campaigns and provide recommendations to help achieve the performance you’re looking for.

  3. 3.

    Authentic Content Creation

    Authenticity is the key to engaging customers in a meaningful way. We will ensure your messaging is sincere, on target and unique to your brand.

  4. 4.

    Brand Performance - Reports and Analytics

    We provide reports on a weekly or monthly basis to help you stay on top of trends - and ensure your brand is achieving the performance you’re looking for.

We’re a Social Media Marketing Agency Here to Help You Succeed

Our experience as a social media marketing agency combined with our expertise in keyword research will help you achieve your marketing goals. We stay on top of trends in social media and digital marketing to help brands stay relevant and authentic. We use management tools such as Semrush to help you get measurable results from your online presence. Our social media experts partner with social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube to promote your brand and product or service offering.

Here are the benefits ev+ AGENCY’s Social Media Advertising Team recommends for each social media platform:


Facebook is the largest and most recognized social media network worldwide, making it an excellent entry point for businesses looking to develop their social media strategy. Of all the social networks, Facebook exposes your business to the broadest audience and offers the most comprehensive set of business tools.Facebook’s business tools help you build your online brand, create meaningful connections with customers and potential employees, and increase overall productivity.


With over 1 billion monthly active users and over 500 million daily active users, Instagram has come a long way since it originated in 2010. Out of the top 100 brands in the world, 90% of them have an Instagram account. Instagram’s ad platform has access to the most advanced social media advertising targeting options available. Sales and leads are trackable through Instagram ads so you can see clear ROI, and you can see a lot of engagement on your posts without having to pay for it. This means that you can strengthen your relationships, all at no extra cost to you.


Twitter is one of the biggest marketing platforms with numerous benefits including an international and local reach to help to generate traffic for your website or local bricks and mortar operation. Twitter is also excellent for businesses to in terms of research where you can follow the trends in your industry and watch your competitors closely. Businesses that successfully use Twitter as a marketing platform can improve customer service, communicate better with customers, increase traffic to offline store or website, follow trends and competitors closely and connect with their local community.